31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 4

31 Day Blog Challenge

Day #4

What am I Afraid of?

That’s a loaded question…. I have really bad anxiety. I am afraid of a lot of things. Most of my fears are totally irrational. And while I know that its irrational, that doesn’t stop me from being afraid.

But to save you from my irrational mind, I will stick to the stuff that I’m afraid of that makes sense…


I’m terrified of spiders. Ok so maybe that is at least a little irrational, as spiders are small and I could easily get rid of them, but at least I know that I am not alone when it comes to that fear.



Snakes at the zoo in an enclosure don’t bother me. Actually they are kinda cool. But snakes, outside, slithering around. No thank you! those things are creepy!


Yes. Honestly this scares the crap outta me. I know this is my anxiety talking. But the idea that someone is criticizing this, right this second is terrifying. I am constantly worrying about people judging me too harshly. But hey, look at me conquering that fear as we speak!

My Imagination

Ok, I know that sounds odd, but seriously. I have a crazy vivid imagination. With this imagination comes nights that I can’t get to sleep. Why? Because I hear one small noise and instantly think “Yep My house is haunted” or “There’s a crazy person in my house”. Never do I think the more obvious, “The rabbit is awake and just hopped around her cage.”




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