31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 7

I feel terrible….. I am having a horrible time keeping up with posting lately. Hopefully everything will get better soon. This past weekend my father got married (for the third and hopefully final time.). We had a ton of fun, and I couldn’t be happier with my *new* extended family. I love them all and am so happy to see my dad smiling again. But to be honest, I’m so glad it’s finally done and we can all get back to life as usual (Weddings can be so stressful!!). So with that  being said I promise, I will do better and am making it a personal goal to have a better posting schedule. Bear with me, I’m trying.

Anyway, on to the challenge!!!

31 Day Challenge

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 7 – Pet peeves


Now, I have a TON of little pet peeves… Most of them are probably small and petty but drive me crazy…. But while typing this up, I realized that apparently some things that others do that drive me insane, I am guilty of doing all the time…. I guess its only a problem when its someone else… Oops.

Being Late

I can’t f*&#@+! stand it when people are late and don’t make an effort to let you know. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that shit happens and sometimes people run late. And that’s fine! Trust me, I run late a lot myself. HOWEVER, when there are people waiting on you, take two seconds  and let them know that you are running a little behind. It’s just the courteous thing to do and not doing so, in my opinion, just shows that you don’t really care about the person waiting on you.

Grammar Issues

Ok, I’m sure every person reading this is thinking, “Well holy hell girl, your grammar isn’t that great either.” To that I say, yup, you’re right… I know. My own grammar isn’t the greatest (please refer to above paragraph where i admit I am guilty of committing many of my own pet peeves) but I actually have some specific issues with other people’s grammar that drives me crazy… Here are a couple… Has anyone else noticed the abundance of people who use the word “for” (or “fer”) instead to “so”… example, rather than saying “I have to leave now SO I can get home.” you will heare “I have to leave now for (or fer) I can get home.”   I used to have a friend that did this and it drove me absolutely crazy (Sorry, You know I love you but seriously it drives me crazy.). Am I the only person who has heard people do this?!?!

The other one is adding letters to words that aren’t there. Wash is “wash” not “warsh”. Yes, I know this is kind of a southern thing, but it also drives me up the wall. (unless it was my grandpa who said it, then for some reason it never bothered me… Oh, And Luke Bryan… he can pronounce anything however he wants. ) Also, pronouncing silent H’s in words irritates the shit outta me. (White, why, where etc.) Please don’t ask me why it bothers me so much, I honestly don’t know but I cringe every time I hear these.

Trying To Sound Smarter Than You Are

Ok, I don’t want to sound like this super mean person. But does anyone know that person who likes to use big words to sound smart, but then doesn’t even know how to properly use the word?

My husband one day, I honestly can’t remember what we were talking about, but he asked me a question and when I didn’t immediately answer he says “Um, hello. That was a rhetorical question!” So me, knowing he had no idea what he was saying just said “Oh. Ok.” and I kept doing whatever I was doing. He then goes “Well, aren’t you going to answer me?” so I said “well, no… you said it was rhetorical.” He got this really confused look on his face and I just laughed and said “Don’t try to sound smart by using big words when you don’t actually know what they mean.” I still give him a hard time about this almost weekly.

Those are the big ones. Other than that there is also, chewing with your mouth open(Eww), standing too close behind me and breathing in my ear (annoying as hell), invading my personal space, not using turn signals (Hello!! how hard is this to do!?), and people who don’t use cross walks when they are literally 10 feet away (c’mon, walking that extra 10 feet is not going to kil you!). OH! And leaving light s on all over the house. It’s like kids, seriously, the sun is shining, every light in the house does not have to be on right now, I have to pay for this shit!!

There are so many more I can’t even think of all of them now but that seems to be a good start. Does anyone else get super annoyed by any of the same things as I do? Or am I seriously the only one?

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