31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 9

My Worst Habits

Hmmm… Well… I have a few. And of course by a few I mean like, thousands.. Lets see if I can just pick a few that I think are the worst.

1. I am a procrastinator

I am kind of lazy… not terribly, just in that, I work a lot and I work weird hours. By the time I get home I really don’t want to do ANYTHING, so I stick to only what I absolutely have to do, put off anything that can be put off for a bit and spend my time with my kiddos.

2. Eating!

I stress eat. I eat when I’m bored. I eat when I’m sad…. I’ve been trying really hard to watch when I am eating and making sure I’m eating because I’m hungry. But boredom is the worst! I swear when I’m really bored my body actually convinces me that I really am hungry. And I swear sometimes I don’t even realize I’m reaching for junk food until I’m already eating it…  But hey, I’m workin on it.

3. Self Criticism

This is by far my worst habit! I put myself down A LOT. This is also something I’m working on. I grew up in an environment were my family liked to pick on each other a lot. Making little comments about each others weight, and what we look like generally lightheartedly putting each other down. Let me clarify, my family is not terrible. They never meant anything to be taken too seriously and never intended any harm. But intent or not, it did harm. I grew up convinced I was fat, and not very pretty, and stupid…. In high school, at 115lbs I thought I was huge. I never thought I was worth much of anything and while I am a lot better than I was then, I still struggle with this every day.  But I’m still here, and I’m still moving forward.


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