Goodbye Twenties…

Today marks the very last 24 hours of my twenties. Tomorrow morning I will be waking up to the very first day of my thirties.


I have been dreading this day for a while now, more so in the last few weeks. All I have kept thinking is “Oh my gosh, where did the time go!?” and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I felt like this whole decade went by and I didn’t accomplish anything.

This past year I kept thinking I needed to do something to make the end of my twenties rock. But as I’m sitting here thinking about the last decade I realized something. This past decade already rocks!!

In the past 10 years , I managed to raise my two beautiful baby girls into even more beautiful young ladies. I went from a dead end job in retail to finishing school and landing a career in a field I have always had a passion before and I couldn’t be happier doing anything else. (Except maybe being a stay at home mom but let’s face it, we can’t afford that right now.)

I finally married my husband after 10 years! We had an amazing honeymoon in West Virginia, somewhere I’ve always loved and wanted to take him to.

And lastly, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, and watched him become this little amazingly loving, funny, sweet, handsome toddler who I just can’t get enough of.

This past ten years have not always been easy. We’ve had hard times. I’ve cried, a lot. I’ve struggled, and there were times I thought I couldn’t keep going anymore. But looking back now I realize that for all the times I cried, I smiled a lot, and I’ve laughed a lot. While yes, I struggled, I has also succeeded in overcoming those struggles. And even though there were times I thought I might break, I held it together and came out even better.

Most importantly I realized how silly I have been, worrying that I wasted my twenties. My twenties did rock! My twenties were amazing and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing!

Now, all that is left to do is focusing on making my next thirty years rock just as much as the last thirty.

Goodbye twenties, it has been great knowing you. And HELLO THIRTIES!!! Lets Rock This!

Birthday Cake

Goodbye Twenties
Goodbye Twenties...

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