Three Little Blessings, Sept. 19, 2017

Today I am thankful for my awesome boss who gave me the day off for my birthday! Im spending my day hanging out at home and chilling with my Little Dude until the older ones get home from school. I love any extra time I get to spend with my babies. I feel like with everything we have going on  in our lives, I don’t get as much time with them as I would like to. This extra time is way overdue!

And to keep me up and moving, I’m also very thankful for caffeine today because I didn’t sleep well last night and I really do need my  Kickstart to keep my eyes open right now!!

Lastly, I’m thankful to all my family and friends. You have always supported me, and believed in me. You’ve been there to lend a hand when I needed help. You’ve picked me up when I was feeling low. And you have always had my back no matter what. I don’t know where I would be without all of you. Thank you for always being there.

Birthday Cake

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